Windows 10 recovery command prompt reset password free download.How to Reset Windows 10 Password Using Command Prompt - Windows Password Key

If you've done the first step properly, you will now see Options to either repair or install Windows. Choose Repair and then click on Command Prompt. After this, remove the installation disk and reboot your computer.

On the login screen, press your Shift key 5 times in a row, and you'll be taken to the command prompt again. This time, type: net user username newpassword replace strings as appropriate. This one acts as a password remover rather than a reset program, so it works differently from Ophcrack and other similar software. The method is the same, however. All you need to do is download and burn the offline ISO file and then use the burned disk or drive to boot up your locked computer.

Once the program has run, there won't be any password when you login to your Windows user or admin account. More detailed tutorial can be found in here. Be warned that this program requires some command line work that could be hard for someone with no experience. The initial process is the same as the previous two applications except for the command line inputs.

If you're not comfortable with this, don't use this method. Ophcrack is one of the better-known password recovery programs. It's open-source, so you have to be careful what version you pick. To use Ophcrack Live CD , go to the website and download the appropriate version for the Windows machine you want to unlock. This process will need to be done on a different PC, of course, since you can't access yours. But don't worry about the OS version of the computer you use to create the reset disk.

Once you create the disk or drive, insert that into your locked PC and boot it up. Now wait for the Ophcrack menu to appear. Since the media is bootable, it contains all the OS and other information that you need to reset the password. If you don't change anything, Ophcrack will automatically start to reset the password after a few seconds. If you did everything right, you'll be able to access your account with a recovered password. To use this powerful password audit and cracking tool , you might need to first boot your PC from a Live CD.

Download and unzip the portable version of LCP and open the program. You may need to locate the SAM file, but on that window make sure that the "Additional encryption is used" checkbox is unchecked when you click "Ok". The program will now display the hashes with user names. Now click on the right arrowhead button play button to start the password cracking process.

Your recovered password will appear against the corresponding username under the NT Password column. Note down the password and then reboot your PC normally and login using that password. John the Ripper is another powerful utility to crack password hashes. Obviously, that means you need to extract the hashes from the SAM file with a different tool before you can use John the Ripper to crack the password that you want.

Once you've downloaded the app and unzipped it, go to the command line Administrator , navigate to the directory where you unzipped the app, and then type in the following:. What this does is to allow the extraction app to grab the hashes from the SAM file and save them as a text file. Now download and unzip the Windows binaries for John the Ripper, then on the command prompt, navigate to that directory and type in the following:.

You should be able to see the recovered password displayed in the command prompt. Boot up your PC as usual and enter with that password. Lazesoft Recovery My Password follows the password reset disk tricks to bypass the security ; but everything is done on what they call the "host Windows" PC.

Since your PC is locked, you will need to download the software on the host PC or a different Windows installation on the same PC in order to prepare the reset disk.

Click on "Next". Now choose the user account and account properties, and click on "Next". Now insert the disk into the target PC or the drive where the target Windows installation is, and it should boot up without a password requirement. Mimikatz is an open-source tool to get Windows credentials such as passwords.

While it doesn't actually remove or reset a password, it's great if you simply want to recover it. You can either access the GitHub repository or download the binaries directly. You can also build your own release with MS Visual Studio. Once you have downloaded or built Mimikatz, run it as an administrator and create the log by simply using the "log" command. This starts the logging process and will create the Mimikatz.

Now you need debug privilege, for which the command is privilege::debug. To see the clear text passwords, you need this command - sekurlsa::logonpasswords. You will now be able to see the password in clear text as well as NTLM.

Unless you're familiar with such tools, it might not be a good idea to play around. Be sure this is the method you want to use before trying it out. Another powerful password recovery utility is Hash Suite. As with other password crackers, this tool does not attempt to "invert" the hashes, which is often impossible. Instead, it generates keys or candidate passwords, hashes those and then compares those hashes with the actual password hashes on the target computer.

Two things make this a powerful tool: the fact that Windows uses rapidly computable password hash functions, and that users tend to choose easy-to-remember passwords.

That should be a warning to Windows users. After downloading an unzipping the. You'll see a welcome window where you need to click "OK" or press "Enter". The initial step is to benchmark the hardware. The case is different if you have another Windows account and configure it as an administrator. If so, restart your computer and log into that account. Step 1: Type computer management in the search bar and then click on Computer Management under the Best Match section.

Then right-click on the account whose password you want to reset and click Set Password. Step 3: Then you will receive a warning window.

After confirming it, click Proceed to continue. Step 4: Type new password and confirm password in the prompted window. Then click OK to save changes. You can also perform Windows 10 password reset by using password reset software.

Though this method is effective, it removes programs and data appeared after the creation of the restore point. Hence, you need to back up your data in advance to avoid data loss. Download Partition Wizard. Quick Navigation : 1. Reset Windows 10 Password Command Prompt 3.

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